getSessionsInQueue($statusEnum->QUEUE_COMPLETED, $offset, 15); //echo the start of the xml file echo ' Big and Ugly Render Project: torrents 15 This RSS feed contains links to torrents created by burp for distrubuting files among users. To use this put this link into your torrent application (ex. vuze) '; //now that we have vars set, the script runns the function buildItem for each of the sessions in the session list foreach ($sessionList as $currentSession){ echo buildItem($currentSession); } //echo the xml closing echo ' '; //taken from session.php and changed outputs. function buildItem($session){ $eventTypeEnum = Java("burp.domain.Session\$eventType"); $attachments = $session->getAttachmentFiles(); if (java_cast($attachments->size(), "integer")>0){ // We have attachments foreach ($attachments as $attachment){ $item = ' '.basename($attachment->getClientPath()).' '.XML_URL_BASE.'torrent_cache.php?fileid='.$attachment->getID().' '.java_cast($session->getTimestamp($eventTypeEnum->RENDER_END), "integer").' BURP session file: '.basename($attachment->getClientPath()).' '; } } return $item; } ?>